an imageWhen King Offa of Mercia granted a charter to Bexhill in 772 AD, it was not Bexhill-on-Sea, the Victorian and Edwardian resort now known by so many. It was almost certainly the hill, commanding the low-lying hinterland that appealed to the Saxon warrior king.

The historic and fascinating old town of Bexhill, half a mile or so from the seafront, still provides evidence of its 1,200 years, with many buildings dating back to the 16th century. Bexhill Old Town Preservation Society is a charity limited by guarantee that does much more than concern itself with the fabric of the town, and plays an important role in the

life of the town.

We hope that this site will whet you appetite, encourage you to pay us a visit and perhaps join the enthusiastic band of volunteers who organise events, support and protection for the town and townsfolk.


Our May Day celebrations take place on Monday 5th May at Barrack Hall Park. Click here for more information.